Being grateful

Cicero says it perfectly. 

While the parent of all virtues gratitude helps us put things into perspective. 

  • When your job is uncertain
  • When your toddler is testing 
  • When you feel quite unlike your old self

…… matter what it is, gratitude will remind you of the simply wonderful things in life. 

  • Living in a country that is safe, clean and prosperous
  • Having a healthy, happy and safe child 
  • Having access to healthy  food and clean water and being able bodied. 

Stop and reflect each day on the challenges you felt and then write down at least the same number of things during that day you were grateful for. 


Words to inspire

As part of picking up some of the pieces of me I left behind (the pieces I want back that is!) over the last few months I recently bought a little book of “words to inspire” which I randomly open to a page each day. Here was the one from today:

It really is easy to get so focused on goals, achieving , striving …..but as I’ve realized lately the more I reached for, was another important piece of me that was lost or damaged. I forgot to focus on the simplest, wonderful things and made sacrifices all in the wake of success. It’s not about lowering the bar but about balancing it. Take a moment to laugh each day – even if it’s at yourself for how serious you may have taken something. Life is too precious. 

Caramel custard – dairy free delight

To accompany an apple and fig gluten free crumble I made I conjured up this winterty wonder which is a champion all on its own. 

– 2 eggs (60g each)

– 300 ml coconut milk (mine was homemade)

– 40 g coconut sugar

– 20 g blanched almond meal

– 20 g arrowroot powder

*Optional 1 tbspn tahini (makes it more akin to caramel fudge) but the version shown here didn’t have it and it was divine. 

Combine together and

– Thermomix 90 deg / 6 min / Spd 4

– Or you can do on a medium heat on the stove stirring constantly until it thickens. 

Enjoy on its own or with a chocolate brownie (try Sarah Wilson’s IQS Almost Paleo Zucchini Brownies) or ask me for the crumble recipe. 

Love thy abdomen

The core is an amazing part of the body. Holds us up “homo erectus” and makes us a unique bipedal land animal. I am even more amazed by woman who can end up carrying life within this fine area where the core is pushed to the very limit under the growing pressure of this wonderful life.

Mine has never returned exactly. That may be because I LOVE food. If I had been less of a snacker or foodie after bub was born maybe I would have had a chance but I have and can feel the muscle and it is not all entirely dire. Maybe after another and final baby, I will give reclaiming my twenties waist one last shot 😉

Here’s a robust workout to give your abdomen the time of day often enough – because if anything, strength here will save you from the perils of poor posture and a multitude of musculoskeletal disorders in future.


The burpee – a toughie but a goodie

I love burpees. My husband and friends all whinge about them and yes they can be hard on knees, churn up stomachs and they are tough…..but incredibly effective. Whether you smash out ten as part of a Tabata session or in-between your weights – the humble burpee should be thrown into your routine a few times each week.

I found this on Pinterest and think this will be my next burpee challenge. How about you?