Satay chicken – simple, wholesome and delicious

I’ve been all out of whack this week and I got to the self-defeating point and was starting to use harsh personal dialogue when I took a step back and realized I just need to take a moment, breathe and re-evaluate status quo. I realized my routine that I need was thrown out over the festive break and I am trying to piece it back together while adapting to a little modification (likened to Mona Lisa becoming an abstract form of art). I simply have to accept a little change and allow myself some time to adjust.

I needed something simple, mind bogglingly delicious to soothe me and I found it here…..mine is served with cauliflower rice …..,Satay chicken

Sure I had no time to really make it a piece of art but it tasted damn good.


As for adjusting…….I’m slowly getting back but it’s not an overnight thing. I have to be kind to myself and allow a little time to get back into it all.


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