Brew your water

Whether it’s below zero degrees or above 30 degrees – getting adequate water each day is essential. In fact it’s one of the basic rules of wellbeing. Sometimes it can be hard to keep your water levels topped up and you may crave something that is full of toxins (sugary drinks or even fruit juice). To help prevent those try a simple water brew and keep it in the fridge.

You can buy a tea brewer or special water jugs to achieve it. Simply place in some lemon and fresh mint. Give the lemon a squeeze first and then leave the whole piece alongside the mint. Top with filtered water and store in the fridge.

I make a fresh batch every 36-48 hours depending on how much I drink. You can top up the same brew each time in this period with more filtered water but replenish the lemon and mint every 48 hours. You can also try lemon grass and cinnamon sticks, or lime and cinnamon…..really there’s no end to the water brew combinations.



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