I’m very jealous at the moment because I’m under my physios orders to keep my tibialis posterior rested so running and plyometric work is out for a few weeks. But if you’re not under medicos orders, Jump right in!!!……Or on the box as Fitness on Toast explores plyo box squats.


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During a recent Leg Session (one of my favourite body parts to train), I decided to do some ‘plyo box squats’. The word plyo – a contraction of ‘plyometric’ – basically means ‘jump training’. A simple practise, yes, but an awesome weapon in the fitness arsenal, due to the amount of muscular and cardiovascular exertion it generates. This is a little post on the benefits on plyometrics, why box squats are so fantastic, and how to execute them correctly! Also included are some step-ups – oldies, but goodies 😀

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