Happy (yet sore) feet….

The Trainer is too kind in her words because it was an amazing team effort. We pulled one another through this and certainly the last 15km of the 38km we did today mostly in focused silence. Breathing through the pain and discomfort and occasionally coaching one another along.

I write as I soak my blistered, aching feet in a cold bath (note the duckies for my daughter). I am strategizing how tomorrow we could possibly be able to walk another 22km with tired muscles but mostly our hellish feet.

But we have done over half the journey in the weekend to end women’s cancer and really tomorrow may be tough right from the start line but it’s 16km less than today!!!

To my wonderful friend and surrogate sister, Miss B (you know her as the trainer), thank you for your support and camaraderie on the journey.

We have got this!!!



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