Wonderful water…..what a way to wake up

Time to step up your H2O intake.

You are hopefully starting the day by rolling out of bed be reaching for 500ml of water so you can replenish your thirsty cells after a hard night of work as they replenished and repaired your body.

Time to drink another 250ml in the first hour you are up from bed. Not only will it help curb appetite for those wanting or needing to drop a few kilos of unhealthy body fat but it will help cleanse your blood of the bi-products of your cells working hard – namely toxins and oxidants.

So get to it!!!

500ml on rise followed by 250ml before the first hour from getting up.

The Cook & the Trainer

Good morning! What wakes you up each day?? The buzz of your alarm clock, the nudge of your dog reminding you it’s walkies or the gentle touch of a loved one. How you start your day really sets the tone for the rest of the day and that’s why the first thing you should do is drink a tall glass of purified water – aim for 500ml or more. When going to bed each night place your fresh bottle of water beside your bed or in the bathroom so that within the first moments of waking up you have nourished your body with the water it needs to replenish from a night of healing and cell regeneration. For more motivation to start up and keep up this wonderful water wake up call, check out the Greatist article on the 12 Unexpected Reasons to Drink more Water this year

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